Psychic AF Supernova

Psychic AF Supernova

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There is magick within you.


Untapped resources of your psychic abilities you have yet to tap into.

I am here to guide you to reclaim and unlock you to take back, fully claim and step into your psychic and magickal gifts and abilities to empower you to leap forward unwavering in your soul purpose mission.


As you reclaim your gifts and abilities you will feel and become the embodiment of the fully empowered sovereign magickal gifted BEing you truly are.


Who can navigate and interweave your human experience with the magnificent infinite magickal and psychic BEing you truly are who navigates their reality with skill, precision and ease.


In this sacred deep space holding and expansion container, lets uncover and release the fears that keep you feeling disconnected from yourself and the Spiritual realm.


Disconnected from your soul purpose mission, creativity and passion.

Let's break the chains to the old paradigm programming of lack, fear, pain and suffering that keep you locked in to your current reality unable to manifest the life you are dreaming about.


Let's flip the switch and turn your potent AF magickal energy 'on' to create the life and business you have been dreaming of; one that is filled with passion, creativity, bliss, love and abundance.


Are you ready to venture into and discover the world of magick?

Starting and playing with your own magick!


Are you ready to finally say goodbye to learning other guru's blueprints and INSTEAD truly learn how to dive deep into your own manifesting magickal psychic superpowers?


This is for you if you are feeling like you are or should be more intuitive than you currently are...


I'm calling you out... are you hiding behind the label of "intuitive" or "oracle/tarot card reader" because that feels 'safer' to call yourself... yet you are secretly wondering WTF you are doing, and how you are going to keep up with doing so many sessions a day or week to finally support the lifestyle you have been dreaming about...


Stop hiding behind the safer labels due to NOT feeling confident in the information you are picking up on, so instead you hide behind the cards...


Maybe you are more logical minded and have studied the cards or a certain modality and have memorized the information ... which makes you feel safe... and confident....


Where as if you were truly using your psychic gifts...


There is no book to study on the information you pick up on… There is no 'blaming' the cards in a reading...


Or perhaps you are feeling into the other extremes of being called psychic and intuitive and doing shamanic etc. work but are feeling that feeling deep inside... that you are meant to do something else... that the way you have been taught to do it, is an old way and you just freaking know there is another new way a better way... but just aren't quite sure what...


You aren't able to get the clear information you desire...

You feel like you are waiting forever for the answers to come for yourself...


Or another way you may be feeling is ... fucking SCARED to use your gifts, and maybe even cursing them.... and the experiences you have been having...(but here is the thing, the things we are avoiding and trying to run away from, are the things that will keep coming up... especially if you have never been taught how to manage all the energy coming in…)


Right now you may feel like a fucking hurricane....


Energy is everywhere.... you may feel off balance... you may feel like you are going mad shit cray cray... at times...


That is WHY it is so important for you to learn how to

 harness your gifts and effectively use them !


You found yourself drawn to me for a reason, and this page whether I have mentioned above what you are going through or not.


I understand it and I understand you.


The things you may truly FEAR are...


  • BEing in FULL control and unleashing yourself from the chains that keep you small, and not using your gifts to uplevel your life and that of your clients


  • Stepping into success (and truly saying goodbye to the old stories/conditioning/programming you 'know' how to live in... change can be scary both consciously and subconsciously)


  • Re-claiming and re-uniting with your TRUE sovereign magickal psychic self and what that may look like


Let's smash through these blocks and give yourself permission to say FUCK YES to yourself and the divine and step into the abundant way shower leader you are meant to be TODAY!


Joy does this with you in 9 pre-recorded sessions of activation and ah-ha's where you will do a lifetime of activation and development work within this short timeframe.


Joy transforms clients and works faster than the speed of light in part by working in super psychic mode to get shit done and finally break through the blocks holding you back from being who and where you are truly desiring to BE!


As change makers, wayshowers, lightwarriors we do not have the luxury of waiting for things to happen, by sitting around and 'wishing' our lives would be different... that we 'should be' at a certain point or level by now.


Stop the 'wishful' thinking and let's get the FUCK to work!




Not tomorrow, not in a month or 6 or 12 or whenever your logical ego mind has deemed is the 'right time when...'

Don't you see that is the BIGGEST BLOCK of all to you truly stepping into the power of your sovereign BEing!


And it starts RIGHT NOW, by you saying FUCK YES to YOU and THIS offer pronto!


If you are fucking tired of being called psychic, intuitive whatever.... but not feeling like you are... or that there is a swirling of energy around you that you just don't know how to harness and use it to receive information or you don't know what or how you receive information this is for you....


The key to unlocking your psychic abilities to there most optimal operating power begins with
and the
Of your using your psychic powers for and on yourself first
Verses what is commonly taught is ... external uses but never truly innerstanding how to use them for and on yourself and building the connections with your spiritual entourage team.


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