Remembering Elven Magick

Remembering Elven Magick

Awaken your forgotten Elven Magick and be reconnected to your Elven self, linage and spiritual entrourage.
💫 Follow the magick and pull of your soul calling you too reclaim this part of yourself and immerse yourself in it's magick
💫Shift to 5D and beyond ...
What it is:

📆 3 month course of discovery
🌟 Starting Summer of 2021
📻 content delivered via video/audio 1 x week 
💻 2 x a month discussion and processing calls
👩‍💻 group online support
🌲 Elven community created

💫 ALL channeled content via Joy Rachelle and the leader of the Elves 
FOLLOW that SOUL PULL, calling you and asking you to say yes to YOU and this MAGICK
🔥REMINDER: THIS COURSE DOES NOT START with Content till Summer of 2021

** to see an estimated exchange rate into your currency please visit , please NOTE your bank/credit card may charge a percent on top of the exchange rate ***
REMINDER: THIS COURSE DOES NOT START with Content till summer of 2021

Call times TBD but will be in PST timezone
  • Content delivered starting April 2021

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